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Specialists Leeds Adventure Service and Repair is at the leading edge of performance tuning.

Land Rover Tuning in Leeds, Yorkshire

Adventure Service and Repair is at the leading edge of performance Land Rover tuning. There are a wide range of options available for each model. 

It is wildey known that the vehicle manufacturer’s standard engine tune is a compromise of hundreds of factors including fuel quality, climate and altitude. Manufacturers must ensure a high degree of engine reliability across the worldwide market taking into account all these factors. This is especially relevant when you consider a global brand like Land Rover, whose vehicles operate from the cold of the artic to the heat of the desert to the humidity of the jungle. Our Land Rover Tuning in Leeds are performance tunes and are optimised for the European market where the fuel quality is excellent and the climate temperate. This allows us to optimise the engines performance and unlock it’s true potential. Most Land Rover engine control units are “flash programmable”, this allows us to make modifications to the manufacturers’ vehicle tune data, to improve the performance and smoothness of the engine. Our performance tunes are downloaded to the vehicles engine control unit through the on-board diagnostic connector.

Unlike most digital chips and cheaper downloads, all our performance tunes are fully developed and tested and provide reliable engine power, they also comply with UK emissions laws. Your insurance companies must be notified of any engine modifications that have been carried out on your vehicle. However, our Performance Tunes are invisible and it is impossible to detect that the engine tune data has been modified. We have heard of a number of cases of vehicles still under warranty, where Land Rover have carried out routine software upgrades whilst carrying out warranty work, in some cases these upgrades have inadvertently re-tuned the vehicle back to standard. If this happens then we are able to re-install your vehicle performance tune free of charge.

To offer our customers a choice, we also supply the new Terrafirma power plug. These units plug into the existing ECU plugs and are a simple DIY fitment. They are the most technically advanced “digital chip” on the market today. Uniquely the Terrafirma Power plug enhances turbo boost, fuel pressure, throttle position and timing unlike other units that only enhance fuel pressure which can cause excessive exhaust temperatures and premature fuel pump failure. These “power plug” tunes can never be as technically advanced as a full performance download though, as the power plug only alter’s 4 engine parameters, where as the download is a complete 100% re-programme of the engine ECU.

We also see larger power and torque gains with a full re-programme. “Power plug’s” are, however, particularly suited to pre 2002 TD5 vehicles which do not have “flash” programmable ecu’s. They also have the advantage of been transferable from say one TD5 to another TD5 hence they can be removed and re-sold when you come to sell your vehicle.


Click the links below to see how we can improve your vehicle’s performance with our ‘flash programmable’ performance tuning.


As already stated all our performance tunes are fully developed and tested and provide 100% reliable engine power, they also comply with UK emissions laws.

There are a lot of cheaper performance tunes on the market for your Land Rover. There are however a number of things to watch out for with these cheaper alternatives. These are from our own first hand experience. 

We use the Autologic® performance tunes. (These tunes are outstanding). There is however one specialist out there selling another manufactures tune under the Autologic name, when comparing prices make 100% sure it is an Autologic® tune (i.e. watch them programme it using an Autologic® machine). 

Basically the cheapest way (and wrong way) to increase the vehicles power is to increase the fuel going into the engine. 

This is how most “digital chips” work.

From first hand experience we have seen a number of in-tank fuel pumps and air flow meters fail prematurely due to them been overworked by the “chip”. The engine is being over fuelled and these components struggle to keep up with the increased demand on them. The vehicles usually black smoke, use fuel at an alarming rate and fail the M.O.T emissions test. They can also have running problems such as a poor idle, and “hunting” on engine overrun.

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